T12.7 x 8.14 x 6.35 – EPOXY

Our Price: 0.51
Part Number: ZW41306TC

ZW41306TC is an epoxy coated toroidal core in Magnetics W material

Magnetics W material is a high permeability ferrite material used for EMI/RMI suppression, common mode chokes, pulse and broadband transformers.

Ferrite toroids offer high magnetic efficiency as there is no air gap, and the cross sectional area is uniform.

Epoxy is coated to 200C continuous operation. Coating thisckness with Epoxy is typically less than with Nylon

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Manufacturer: Magnetics
Product Type: Ferrite Core
Material: Ferrite
Material Grade: W
Geometry: Toroid – Epoxy
Size: TX13
Orientation: N
Weight (lbs): 0.00529104
Weight (G): 2.4
Standard Box Quantity: 1400
Purchase U/M: 250

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